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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Close and Personal Friends

Aurique is a seven-year-old Golden Retriever, who doesn't do much more than love us. His name means the golden prince in Latin.
Splash is a two-year-old Border Collie and is the newest addition to our family.
Gimme A Dream is a 16.2 hh Hanovarian gelding who is the inspiration for my Helium name.
Momma has been around for a couple of years. She is my cousins cat who never went back home. She is a real bitch (I can say that here, can't I).
Little Miss Grisette Mew is my personal favorite. I got her for Onyx who is not with us anymore. Her tail is her special trademark.
Hero is an Arabian/Solid Paint. I haven't laid eyes on him yet.
Bones is our Majestic 2007 stray. I don't know when he got in the house, but I found him on New Years day, inside.
Whiskey and Lily are zebra finches who have five eggs to look after. Miss Mew's favorite past time is to watch them, but it is Momma who is the real danger to them.
Woodmare Frilifili or Frilly is a Standardbred filly who came to me by surprise and a great pleasure. I don't have a photo and in fact I haven't see her yet.
Stripes has a rather strange pattern on his body which earned him his name. He never enters the house, but spends a lot of time in the greenhouse. He arrived around the first of February, 2007, just about when Miss Mew went into heat, along with seven other toms. He never left.


jadey said...

Oh Gimme I love this pic it is great the horse is so cute and big.

Magdalen Islands said...

Dream is certainly a gentle giant. He is without doubt, hugable.

~Ambre~ said...

WoW! They are some beautiful horses Gimme...Those are fabulous shots also!


Magdalen Islands said...

Thank you Ambre, I'm rather partial to all of them but the horses and dogs the most.

~Ambre~ said...

Gimme we want more, more, more..

Magdalen Islands said...

I can always put the family's horses on. They are here there and everywhere.