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Monday, July 23, 2007

How Many Ways Can I Find To Waste My Time?

This is Way # 1!

Sand Art

A chest full of pirate treasure - well sand dollars at least!

A lighthouse shining it's beacon over..., grass???

These are Dollar Store Finds, painted with different coloured sands found on the Magdalen Islands beaches.

I know..., I know, but I get bored sometimes.


jadey said...

Gimme I love these sandart sculptures totally awesome.

Magdalen Islands said...

Thanks, Jadey! Maybe I'll put some more of my idling up for grabs.

~Ambre~ said...

I appreciate your creativity Gimme! I don't consider it a waste of time, but I realize that you are merely teasing...

~don't stop~

Rebicmel said...

You are really one talented lady. I would be proud to display any of your work in my home. Let me know if any comes up for sale.