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Monday, July 30, 2007

How Many Ways Can I Find To Waste My Time?

My Little Stone Flower Pot

This is just another way I've found to waste my time. How many ways is it now? Way #4.

I thought I'd put this up before I left for Newfoundland, because it will be the last for a while. I wanted to leave the web log with a photo when it is first opened. Sorry Jadey, but I thought the interview was a little on the bland side on my part.

Anyway, one day I spent hours looking for little black stones off the beach to make this flower pot. It turned out quite well and I have since made quite a few for gifts. However, this is the only black one. It was a waterproof carpenters glue I used and the base is a two liter plastic ice cream tub.

The plant I used is an oxylis of some type that is not a native to the islands, but a very pretty clover, nonetheless. Most likely it is delicious too! Dream hasn't had a chance to get at this one.


Samantha said...

Wow, what a neat flower pot you made with those black stones! I have never in my life seen a plant like that either. Three big triangular shaped leaves that grow like that is too neat! Is that an island plant?
You are so creative!

Magdalen Islands said...

The plant is an oxilis, a clover plant. It isn't an island variety, though!

And thanks for the compliment, Sammers

Samantha said...

Wow, a huge clover, purple even, my favorite color. hehe! And you are so welcome, I admire you so much and just don't know where you get the energy or the time to do all that you do!
What did you use to "glue" the stones on with? cement?

Magdalen Islands said...

It was a waterproof carpenters glue and the base is a two liter plastic ice cream tub.

jadey said...

Hey there Gimme that is okay about the interview I will try and think of 5 different questions for you and I love that stone flower pot and the clover plant is beautiful.

J Morgetron said...

Sweet plant ... Awesome pot.

I didn't find your interview or your survey or your tagging facts bland at all. I learned a lot about you in a very compact frame of time. Good work woman!


Rebicmel said...

Winnie, you are a multi-talented lady. This is an awesome planter and the stones all fit well together.
I enjoy your articles and always look forward to reading them.

Ambre said...

I have the same exact plant. My grandmother gave it to me. It is virtually carefree and it sends up delicate pale purple bell looking blooms whenever it pleases..

~nice job~

Hughes shack said...

did you find my reply to your question about finches its at magdalen islands. thanks Eileen

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I never heard about this plant; thanks for sharing this information and the beautiful picture


Ambre said...

Where have you gone off to Gimme?

Looks under planter, nope, not there!

You haven't visited my blog in years! I'm embellishing just a little!

~checks breath~