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Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Helium Writing Exercise #12 not done

Dog Breed - Golden Labrador

The Golden Labrador is a ‘designer dog’. A mutt, cross-breed, or mongrel, but in general, it certainly is a lovable one. It is the cross between a purebred Golden Retriever and a purebred Labrador Retriever. The look and the temperament of the Golden Labrador can vary as much as that of its proud parents, the Retrievers.

In many ways, the Golden Labrador will look like both parents. It could have the chunky head of the Golden or the refined head of the Lab, as well as the refined sleek body of the Lab or the long haired, stout body of the Golden. The Golden Lab will most likely be a good water dog and most certainly can be trained as a 'gun dog'. It also could be considered seriously as a service dog and would be quite capable of making decisions without prior training.

The best thing about a Golden Labrador perhaps, is the fact that it is a cross breed and therefore, would be less likely prone to have certain genetic failures of the two parent breeds. Hip and elbow dysplasia, ear infections, certain cancers such as hemangiosarcoma, followed by lymphosarcoma, mast cell tumor, epilepsy and osteosarcoma are all common in the retrievers, that are not so frequently seen in the Golden Labs. Heart, joint and skin diseases are also somewhat lessened while cross-breeding.

All in all, a Golden Labrador is a mighty fine dog to have. They are sensitive, intelligent, active and live long, healthy lives, if well cared for. They make superior companions and children’s pets and should not be over-looked as a perfect 'man’s best friend'.

My dear darling Aurique - the Golden Prince - is a Golden Labrador. He was designed by chance and not because of human interference. His mother was a pure bred black Labrador Retriever and his father was a yellow purebred Golden Retriever. Aurique was one of the resulting litter of 12 puppies. He came to me by a friend, who wanted only to rescue him, since the owner was going to shoot the puppy, because he followed people who would walk on the road for exercise, rather than stay home. My friend thought since I lived in the woods and my beautiful Border Collie, Gemstone was very old and crippled, that I would need a dog to replace her. In spite of not wanting another dog, I took him to save his life. He was three months old on August 21st, 1999, the day he was brought home for good. In bringing Aurique into our home, he saved the life of my precious Gemstone. Because of his tenacity, he forced Gemm to get up and walk, forced her into his type of therapy and played with her another four years, before she finally died painlessly at 18 years old. Of the twelve puppies he is the only survivor. Ironically, the other siblings to my golden prince were all killed on the road, one-by-one.


jadey said...

OH Gimme Aurique is beautiful and I am so happy you took him and saved his life. He is beautiful.

KB said...

Such a beautiful doggie. Your blog is looking fantastic BTW!!!