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Saturday, November 10, 2007

God Bless All Those Who Fought For Us!

God, Please Keep Those Who Died For Us, Close!
Lest We Forget

On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month ...

Poppy Campaign Information (Card)
(The Royal Canadian Legion)

World War I:

1. 628,736 Canadians served.
2. 66,573 died and 138,166 were wounded.
3. 2,818 were taken prisoner of war.
4. 175 merchant seamen died by enemy action.

World War II:

1. 1,031,902 Canadian men and 49,963 Canadian women served.
2. 44,927 died and 43,145 were wounded.

3. 8,271 were taken prisoner of war.
4. 1,146 merchant seamen died by enemy action.


1. 26,791 Canadians served.
2. 516 died and 1,558 were wounded.
3. 33 were taken prisoner of war.

The Gulf War:

1. 3,837 Canadian men and 237 Canadian women served.
2. There were no Canadian casualties or prisoners of war during the Gulf War.

1 comment:

Marja said...

Oh Wynn that's a shocking number of people who died. The world is a dark place.