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Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Whisper What You'll Bring To Me..., "

I covered shining 2" Christmas Tree balls with crochet lace made of #10 thread, white with a silver strand. I bought the plastic balls at the dollar store and they for the most part turned out quite well.

Because I didn't know how many 'guests' would turn up, with our family, you never know, I many a ton extra. When I got tired of covering balls, I made beaded and lace wreaths. Each wreath was different. Since I had the option of three colored beads - clear, green and red - I was able to mix and match the beads in which ever way I felt. To mis it up even further, I used several different kinds and sizes of lace ribbon. It made for a good change.

I also crocheted little lace angels and a lot of stars and icicles, but they must be at the bottom of the Christmas trunk. I used some of them to put on Christmas presents last year, for family and friends.

I haven't yet decided what I will make this year. I was thinking something along the lines of soldering beaded wire into teardrop shapes. Maybe I will make beaded icicles. Most likely it will be something with crystal beads this year.


jadey said...

Gimme these are wonderful. I love the blue ball that is third one on the bottom going from the left or the second one going from the right to the left and it is between the red and green on in the pic below. Nice job. I think the new ideas sound great too.

Marja said...

Oh how pretty and what a lot of work and love you put into it. your family is lucky

keith hillman said...

I only wish I had the patience to sit down and create such things of beauty