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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter's First

Don't You Just Love Winter???
Well here we are in the middle of winter's first storm and winter hasn't even arrived, according to the calendar. Someone at the weather station made a mistake, since only an idiot could say light snow. Notice that the top half of this poplar has no snow..., cause it blew off.

That truck is going nowhere for a while. You think this is bad, you should see the other half of the driveway. It is definitely waist high drifts. Yuck!
-1Light snow


Light snow

The horses didn't seem to mind the weather but then they weren't out in it for very long, maybe a half an hour and then they would have stayed out all night if I hadn't made them come in.

The church looks so very inviting doesn't it? I'll bet it is cold inside. I don't think they have any church services in it for the winter season. The cost to heat the building, don't warrant the services. You see there are two Anglican churches in our community and because this is so remote, it is closed for the winter.

The power has been failing all day. There must be some wires touching occasionally in the wind, because the power blink out for a minute or two every hour an hour or so. It makes me feel like singing, "Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening! What wonderful sight, we're happy to night, walking in a winter wonderland."

Actually that is what I was singing all the way to the hay stack for a couple of bales for this evening.

All the beasties are in and happily munching in out of the storm. They didn't want to come at first, just as I expected. But they can go out anytime they want. The door is always open. I just encourage them to stay in, when it is nasty. A bowlful of grain and a rack of hay does wonders to the spirit, they tell me.

We just got the hay in yesterday in time. On the way down from the Bassin, Amherst Island, the sleet, snow, rain, hail all seem to hit at the same time.


Marja said...

wow it is surely winter there. Keep yourself warm Wynn

jadey said...

They sure seem to not mind the cold there Gimme. What great pics. I have to say it looks like power to the island is out.

jadey said...
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Samantha said...

You're definetely walking in a winter wonderland! Beautiful pictures and yeps, those horsies seemed fine even though it looked terribly windy and cold with all that snow on the ground and them.

Hang in there my friend and good job on getting all that hay! Those bales look bigger than the house!