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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Do You Think Of My PhotoShop Talents???

I'm trying my hand at something new, for me. I never worked in advertising before, so I never learned how to format ads or how to make them appealing. This is my first try.

I don't know if any of you out know the difficulties of our local newspaper. It is in dire need of an advertising artist. I would like some opinions on some of the ads I do, for their appealing nature. Some pointers on how I can improve my talents would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


lhurey said...

I always visit this site but never got time to comment and now here i go...I admire your works and i like it, i have a photoshop at home but didn't much have time to learn from eat..I have a little knowledge with painshop pro...oh by the way my name is lhurey the owner of and you can check your links from my site...

Marja said...

WHen you did make this up you are pretty good. You are very creative

jadey said...

Gimme the actual advertisement is good. However I think the pictures need to be a little more clearer as well as the print a little larger not by much though. Great job.