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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

EntreCard - A Good Thing

If you look to the left on the sidebar, there is a little box called EntreCard. This is a place where you can advertise your Web Log or Blog.

I have been a member for a couple of months now and have had a different site advertise there every single day. Before I allow just anyone to advertise I go to their site and look it over. I make sure I leave a comment so that they know I've been there. So far I haven't rejected anyone's site because they are so interesting.

This site is one of the reasons that the Gimme A Dream site has the traffic that it has. I do recommend EntreCard for anyone who wants to be noticed.

Now I bring this up because I received a message from a person named Marie, who was new to EntreCard and she is looking for traffic. Her site is called "Personal Finance Management Guide" and I've put a link to it. I've been there and it is bright and interesting, with loads of information on taking care of your business. Personally, I wish I seen her site sixteen years ago when I opened my first business on computers. I sure could have used her information.

Now, if people can get the traffic to their sites and can put in the links, the value of their site increases. When this happens, the Google, Yahoo, Alexa and Technorati rating sites put a value on your site. Advertising sites use these numbers to determine what they are willing to pay to reviewers. Last month, I was only paid $5.00 for a review. Now a review on Gimme A Dream is valued at $20 - $50.

So you see, it is important for anyone who wants to earn a little extra income for that raining day.


jadey said...

Very interesting and thanks for the info Gimme I will check it out for sure.

Anonymous said...

excellent info I will check it out..