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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PayPerPost's Answer To Google Bashing

It appears that PayPerPost (PPP) has found it's answer to the trashing it has had to Googles page ranking system. A couple of months ago Google added a new algorithm to their page ranking system that sent PPP users blogs plummeting to zero rank. This morning an email came from the PPP newsletter, The Tack, which is advertising has RealRank at it's core, which boasts, "RealRank is the first site ranking service that focuses exclusively on measuring the traffic and influence of individual blogs throughout the blogosphere. RealRank aims to replace historically unreliable influence indicators such as Google PageRank, Alexa and Comscore by providing more accurate statistical data collected directly from the source. Real Ranks for Real Blogs!"

" and RealRank is for blogs only. We don't want search engines, e-commerce sites, directories or anything else effecting the RealRank scores. RealRank is supposed to be a rank relative to other blogs. For that reason we ask people to flag those sites that aren't blogs so we can keep the system clean. We report numbers for all blogs along with the top 100 blogs in a variety of categories."

Will this live up to it's boasts and make big improvements in the page ranking business? I guess only time will tell. I won't be jumping on the bandwagon any time soon though, because like PPP, RealRank requires that a 'little' piece of code must go into the HTML file of your blog. I've already had enough experience with placing 'little' pieces of code from PPP. I think I'll avoid RealRank and stick it out with Google, at least for a while longer.

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