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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Update on PPP Problems

I notice that my page rating has return somewhat to the same as it was before this problem the PPP is having with Google. My Yahoo page rating is still out and says it has no data for the page. It is worth it to note that the ads that are in the side bars are not affected by Googles algorithm, so people can still work with PPP, if they have the liking. Just don't put ads linking back to PPP in their post.

For those of you, who don't earn a wage from your blog, this story might not make sense. The most important thing to realize is that many disabled stay-at-home mom's and dad's are supplementing their monthly income in this manner and they have lost that money, because not only are they not getting any more reviews to do from any source because their page rank is down, but PayPerPost is withholding their payment because of internal problems with PayPal services, which is another story again, or like in my experience, they are finding reasons not to pay for the review.

On another note..., I just had a full page popup ad for some Dating service come up on this site and I am not a happy camper. I have avoid dating services with a passion.

I am more than not happy now since I just realized that I had all these vulgar ads popping up inside my story. It is not my intention to have unsolicited ads popping up, within my articles or getting in front of my information. But it looks like the full page ad is coming from Blogspot itself. However, Black Label Ads seems to have highjacked my site and these vulgar ads must go or I'll personally delete Gimme A Dream. All of this means the return of my page rank is getting some notice from some where.

I have a complaint into Black Label Ads now.

It turns out the sudden on rush of ads is coming from Adbrite, who I believe is honest in their own way. It appears that I asked for these without knowing what I was asking for..., Where's that embarrassment smilie.


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jadey said...

Hey there Gimme I sure hope this problem is corrected quickly I can see how it is an annoyance. Please do not delete your blog.