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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where My Social Interests Are Focused

Yuwie Pays!!! No Joke..., It Pays!!!!

I'm not trying to steer anyone wrong but by now everyone who has visited this web log knows I'm looking for ways to monetize it. I don't want to have to go back to the fish plant to work this year. It isn't a fun place.

So, in my internet travels I came across Helium and thought I could write my way to financial freedom..., not there, as anyone who's been there knows. I was referred to Facebook by my family and I joined. But there were too many insecurities, so I minimized my account to near nothing. Someone referred me to MySpace, so I joined but didn't go anywhere because I found it limiting and without purpose.

Then I found Yuwie! And I like it! Come and see me! Yuwie is a social networking system that pays it's members from its advertising revenues.

Facebook and MySpace make approximately 20 million dollars a month in advertising revenues but their members see nothing of the money. They don't do any work - my sister and nieces worked for them to get me to join. But did they get paid for their work - NO!!!!

Now I'm doing the referring. Ywuie is the first social network that pays it's members to blog.
They pay their members to post messages! They pay the members to visit each other and say "Hi, want to be friends!" Yuwie pays to see your pictures.

Yuwie pays!

NO KIDDING!!!!!!!!

They take money from their advertising revenues and distribute it amongst its members. At first there is not a lot of money, but when I think of all the posts one member at helium posted - she'd be rich by now, and all you helium members know who she is!

Yuwie is a young enterprise and doesn't have a 20 million dollar advertising revenue, but by the way the members are joining, it will soon.

Yuwie pays per page view. And what counts as a page view? If anyone looks at :

- profile page
- blog pages
- any and all of your friends
- all your comments
- Your pictures
- Even if someone views one of your share layouts, if you’ve made them.

When anyone views any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view. The member gets paid. Any of your control panel pages, including but not limited to: settings, messaging, friends, referrals, favorites, etc.

I go through all these pages dozens of times a day because someone has asked me to be their friend.

Now I could put a chart up and run through the possibilities. The Lord knows that there are many possibilities. But that would be speculation! And I more down to earth than that.

I could list the clubs they have, all of which earn the user money, but I don't have the space here for that. Just trust me if you can and go see for yourself.

Now, you can have your FaceBook. I'll even give you the link.
You can have your MySpace and the link for easy access, too.
Have a go at Helium, the Money Kingdom, the International Forum, the Dream Team Money Forum and all the others. I've been there and done that and you know, it is possible that in the future I'll find some place better and move on again.

But, in the here and now, Yuwie is where I am.


AngelBaby said...

I love your site. The information you are giving to others is just wonderful. I have something for you. Look for #11.

Love and Blessings,


jadey said...

Hey there I am there with you at Yuwie and I am having fun.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi Hon, just popped in to say hello.
I hope all is well on these cold days.
Stay well. DD2

Magdalen Islands said...

Strange, I'm the author! I didn't remove any post!

jadey said...

Hey there Gimme just wanted to let you know you have been tagged. Now all you need to do is go to my blog and go to the entry that says from Keiths blog and copy it and paste it here on yours and tag five more people very simple and easy enjoy and have fun.

Marja said...

Will check it out Wynn. I can't imagen making a living out of these things. Can You?