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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Winter Woes!

If anyone is following the Gimme A Dream Web Log or any of the others that I author, then you know I haven't been online very much these past few days. I have had all sorts of troubles here which probably all stem from our glorious weather.

February came in like a lion or January went out like one. We had a severe ice storm of which I took pictures and posted here a few days back. Then we had a monstrosity freeze the next day. Then I had trouble with my baby Sammy who was a very sick little filly, for a while. The next day we had another ice storm and now another freeze.

All the while this was going one, the power lines were being iced and whipped by the wind until some lines broke and pole broke off. Power failures became a daily occurrence as the wind did it thing and as Hydro crews worked all through the days and nights trying to put everything pack together and hold it together in the raging freezing temperatures.

Today I finally let the horses out to the field to forge out of the stacks and much to my horror, they all, including Big Dream walked on top of the snow bank. Horror because I envisioned them breaking through and breaking a leg of cutting it so severely that they would bleed to death. I have spent the day with the big woodsman ax, chopping and cutting through the snow bank out to the field so that the horses would be able to return safely.

In the meantime, do you see the break in the tree tops? That is my driveway and those trees are 25 feet if they are inch. The snow bank is about two feet from the very tops of the lower end. And that is the bank that the horses walked on, the section of it that stretched into the field. Needless to say the fence is buried completely along this side.

To make matters worse, the four wheel drive loader/snowblower can't break through it, the ice on top of it all, it's that thick. And guess where the truck is? You got it..., right in the middle of the first and the second drift from the main road, in a section as clean as a whistle. We can actually drive about 50feet between drifts and probably drive over the top to reach the road, but the truck might break through and we can have that..., lol! Of course we could play it for the General Lee..., and whistle Dixie!

Please give generously to your local cancer research foundation. With everyone helping, we will find the cure. It is there, waiting to be found!

In the meantime, why not join the Winter Rose Trust Fund. Become a member and help support a good cause.


jadey said...

Hey there Gimme just wanted to let you know please go to my blog and look under the reflections entry you have been tagged.

KB said...

Wow, you have been having a busy time. Love the snow pics BTW. Take care of yourself and your horses.

Marja said...

Holy moly never seen so much snow.
Wish you good health and warmth.
The weather goes in extremes. We had one of the hottest summers ever.

keith hillman said...

My goodness - that is some snow!I must say it LOOKS beautiful, but I think I'd rather see in pictures than through my window!