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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's My Birthday And I'm Wondering, "If Mum Were Alive Today, What Would She Blog About?"

Have any of stopped to think about what your parents or grandparents would blog about? I've been sitting here, getting up occasionally to check on Big Dream, because he has some colic, doing a jigsaw puzzle, while working on another craft piece and wondering about my mum.

She would never be interested in the technical side of a computer or the internet, but I think she would take to blogging like she never took to journaling. She had died before we got our first computer. Before I could imagine using one myself. Yet only a year after she was buried, I was programming in Pascal.

If she had of lived on to a good age for an elder, I think she would have used the internet to play games on when she was bored. She would have used the internet net to collect recipes, to research the bible, put her photographs in a presentable order and blog. I am so certain that Mum would have blogged as a natural extension of her life.

She was a creative person. I have beading projects that she created to prove that. Her designs for chokers still defy my desire to copy them. Her beading ability was such that I can't even copy what my mother could do. But she never made beading a long term activity.

I don't know where she learned to bead. I don't know where she learned to sew, or knit (she had trouble turning the heel of a sock). But I am certain of one thing, and that is if mum had the internet when she was alive, there would have been nothing stopping her from learning. Because that is what she did best, I think.

And I'm just as certain that she would blog and meet some many interesting people through the internet.

Mum never learned to crochet, or make lace or embroidery. She never had the interest in doing those frivolous things. But mum could cook up a storm. No one made better apple or blueberry pies. Her homemade bread was something to die for. But she always seemed to burn her potatoes.

Mum was a stenographer for a while and a secretary, teletypist and worked all those new fangled office machines way back in the fifties and sixties. I don't know how she learned to use the machines but she was in high demand for the United Van Lines Company. At least until she had a major car accident, in '62/63.

She built us a house with her own bare hands, when my sister and I were just kids. None of the neighbours helped. She and dad were separated and she was determined to do things herself, even after an accident that the doctors said she wouldn't survive.

Yes my mum would have to use a computer if she were alive today. There is no way, that she would retire. It just wasn't in her to do so. She'd probably be a rich dot commer by now. But then, she never stayed interested in any one thing for very long. When she learned how to do something, it was on to the next major project to learn about. Hmmmmm...., sounds familiar.

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Happy birthday! I know we are wondering what our parents and grandparents shoud do if they were alive. My mother lives but doesn't work with a computer and I doubt my father should do it.

It is always fine to take time for the persons we lost and how life would be with them now.

Magdalen Islands said...

I'm not sure about my Dad but then he was always fascinated in my son's activities, so he could very easily have been on the computer too. But mum was always one to try new things, so I'm pretty certain that she would have enjoyed the internet, chatrooms, forums and blogging. Many of her generation are now sitting in front of screens here on the islands and enjoying it. It might have something to do with the isolation here.

dickiebo said...

Happy Birthday,m'deario. I wouldn't mind betting that your Mum is with a certain lil Aiden, today. Many congrats.

jadey said...

Happy Birthday. Its your party blog if you want to blog if you want to you can blog if you want to lol. Anyways great pics Gimme.

Marja said...

Oh still a late Happy brithday Wynn
On these days you miss your loved ones, but you got nice memories. What a nice tribute to such a strong creative woman

Darrel said...

This is a wonderful write and tribute to your mother. It is also a great time to say seeeee, I read and Happy late birthday to you sweetheart. I really am sorry i missed it the first round. And i think you look so much like your mother,and that is a good thing, Hon. Alwaysm Darrel...

Magdalen Islands said...

Darrel, I scare myself and all the older folk around here by my looks. It is like I'm my mothers ghost, I look so much like her. That has been stated all my life but now that I'm older, and I look into the mirror, I get a glimpse of mum and it startles me. Sometimes it is like I no longer exist and I have to turn away.

Mum was an incredible, independent woman and it is hard to live up to her in many ways. It has been really hard living without her all these years, not only for me but also for my sister.