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Friday, May 16, 2008

Website Review

A.W.$urvey - SCAM?????

I have yet to find anyone that has managed to come up wit the $75 minimum to cash out. But I got into a debate on one of the forums about the site. Some were saying it was a scam site. I took a rather neutral stand on the debate, since I was a member but didn't know.

I had earned $27 the first try, the first day, when I was there. Sounds good???? Yeah!!!! This happened in January.
But then each month I was only allowed two surveys worth $1 or $0.50 each. So for three months (February, March and April), I made three extra dollars, $30 total is what I accumulated. It would only take another four years to cash out the $75 minimum.

But guess what? I just went to earn my dollars worth of surveys, for the month of May, and found out that I was no longer in their database. I had been expelled, without warning, for inactivity this month, apparently. Now I have to start over - like that is going to happen!!!!

SCAM ???????????
I WOULD SAY SO!!!!!!!!!!


Patricia Lanchester said...

Well let me know when you find one that really pays for your efforts. I've joined and unjoined so many survey groups in the past 5 years and not earned the fee that was promised. And this one sounds like a complete ripoff.

jadey said...

Hey there Gimme,

I joined like you did in January, I too got the first 30 real quick and then just like you went to do a survey and found out I was booted due to inactivity definetly a scam.

Marja said...

That's the problem with the internet. So many scams.
How are BTW Wynn