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Thursday, June 12, 2008

TokSee's Audio/Video Instant Messenger

I must admit, I'm enjoying the hilt out of these new gadgets that TokSee has come up with. Enjoying it to the point that I can see the worth of blogging once again. The problem I was having with blogging was that I was alone too much of the time. I'd write a post and a day or two later someone might have made a comment. If I responded it was in vain because the commentator never returned to respond to my response. That is where the social networks excelled but blogging at the social network level is in it infancy. It is not what I'd call blogging. And many of the networks like Yuwie, FaceBook and MySpace doesn't accept advertising, even when it is a personal website. But with these widgets from TokSee, they may possible bring the social networks to my personal site. To me, the possibilities are intriguing and I will differently look well into them.

Along with TokSee, I'm looking closely at a membership I took out but never spoke of, that seems to be holding a big chip into the social networks ring. It is called Web2.0 or Cash blaster Pro. It will be the TokSee competitor this year and it seems to have taken the lead as far as membership is concerned. But it doesn't seem to have much to offer bloggers, even though it's owners say it does.


Marja said...

Hi Wynn see that you are still exploring and trying to find new oppertunities. Hope you succeed But you will.You are a persistant lady

KB said...

I hope this works this is my third attempt. Good to see you are trying different things. I have posted some pics from my holiday, if you are interested.