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Sunday, June 1, 2008

ScrapBookers & Jewelry Designers Heaven

Handicrafts - Many people here and elsewhere know that I make ‘things’. I love making jewelry pieces or cards, bookmarks, etc. Well instead of making something, I thought I would do a review of a couple of my favorite sites for finding inspiration. They are called ‘Plum and Verdigris’ and ‘The Scrapbook Lounge’ and they are both sponsored by TV Weekly. It is a source for free online television programming anytime you want to watch! These are the only channels that are sponsored at this time.

Each segment is about ten minutes long and they teach different methods of jewelry making in ‘Plum & Verdigris’ or of scrapbooking and paper at ‘The Scrapbook Lounge’. New Episodes premiere each week and feature the newest techniques, trends, and products. Episodes can be played over and over and feature live-scrolling technology, allowing programs to be paused, fast-forwarded and rewound instantly. Miss a step? No problem. Simply back up and watch it again!

Each Episode comes with a free downloadable Design Guide outlining the steps and materials used in that particular project. Design Guides are in PDF format and are printable. Many Episodes come with a free downloadable Template that is provided as needed to help you complete a project from an Episode. They can be resized and printed on plain paper or pattern paper of your choice.

After watching a segment and learning new things that interest me, I generally go to the archives and watch another show because one is never enough for me. I’ve been watching these episodes each week for the past two years and still enjoy them as they work with next materials or show inventive ways to work with old materials.

TV Weekly is in the process of becoming another social network from the looks of it, since they have a community tab which goes nowhere at this time. Also I have a profile page, which I have yet to fill in, and a feature which will allow me to add friends, coming soon.

TV Weekly is Free for all crafters!

Plum & Verdigris At
The Scrapbook Lounge At


KB said...

Nice to see where you find some of your inspiration

Marja said...

Thanks Wynn. My daughter is getting into scrapbooking. I think it is great too but i've got two left hands. Pass this on to her.