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Monday, July 14, 2008

I'd Send My Child!

Giddy Up Pony Camp has been a dream of my niece for most of her life. Everywhere I go, people mention that "'ol Charlie Perry will never be dead while Amanda lives". Charles Poirier, Amanda grandfather, her father's father, loved horses. He always had a Standardbred in the back field at his island home. He often raced at the local track, did his own forge work and blacksmithing. I think horses were the only true career of his life even though he fished and farmed professionally.

Poor Amanda comes by her passion honestly enough from both sides of the family. Her mother, my sister and I, had horses since we were far too young to care for them. But no one could tell us that one.

Amanda Currie-Poirier is highly trained, by studying with Olympic event rider, Cindy Matheson. She also studied with the Australian National Equestrian Center and in Alberta at Amberlea Meadows in Leduc. But Amanda has also learned though trial and error and is well on her way to becoming a horse whisperer.

Amanda's Pony Camp has been in business for five years.

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