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Friday, October 17, 2008

Renovations And New Looks

I’ve been looking around home here, thinking just how outdated the house really is. It is thirty-five years old and looks tired and worn. The kitchen is basically Scandinavian in its decor, which is really nice for the minimalist look. But after looking at the style for so long, I thought I’d like to renovate. We all know how much that costs.

A complete renovation is out of the question. So we decided to change the cupboards but keep the cupboard doors. We will extend the cupboards from the east wall around the north side of the kitchen. This will give us eight extra feet of counter top. Who doesn’t need more counter top space? This will also give us room to put the beautiful white enamel sink and drainboard, I got from the old medical clinic, when they tore the building down. I’ve been wanting to use that sink for years now, but it has been stored in the basement. The extra counter space will also give us room to add a built-in dishwasher, yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, the kitchen will still have that old 1970's something, Scandinavian look, that I’m so tired of looking at.... We thought about changing the table, but I cry to even consider that. The solid oak antique table was the Captain’s, off a two-hundred year old shipwreck, (another story to blog about) paired with high-back Scandinavian chairs. That table has history and I don’t want to give it up. Besides, it weighs about two hundred pounds. The chairs can be covered rather inexpensively.

I guess the thriftiest way I can give the kitchen a new, exciting but warm look, would be to change the lights. And, like everyone I know, I scanned the internet and found a site that literally had everything I could possible want. Indoor Light Fixtures Buying Guide! Wow! I couldn’t believe all the styles available. I thought I’d died and gone to light fixture heaven.

Out with the old:

It didn’t really take long to find the style I want. At the Home page I clicked on Home and Garden, the Home Furnishings and Decor Buying Guide, then light fixtures. I knew I wanted a chandelier, about the size of the one already in place. I knew I had to be careful also because my son is 6'2" tall, so it couldn’t come too low. The ceiling here is less than the standard eight feet and that becomes a problem when looking for lights and styles. Sometimes in the general hardware shops, both here on the Islands and on Prince Edward Island, I’ll find a style I like but the fixture is too low, too high, too big around or not big enough.

The Indoor Light Fixtures Buying Guide remedied that problem. I found the chandelier style I liked that will suit my beautiful table perfectly. It has beautiful brass hardware. I love brass! And satin opal glass shades for three lights. I could have it with many lights or only one light but I chose three lights. I could have had the drop fixture but I chose the flush against the ceiling fixture, remembering the height restrictions. I love it! I also intend to buy two matching mini pendants for the other Scandinavian fixtures in front of the stove and over the sink but I’m afraid they’ll have to wait until after Christmas or..., wait I know now what I want for Christmas!

In With The New!

Can you just imagine my kitchen with this brass chandelier over a natural hard oak 42" square table? All I'll need to look for now is a brass ship's bell to sit on the wall, to finish the look I want. I'm going to search the internet, to see what I can find.

Dream..., then give Indoor Light Dixtures Buying Guide a look-see and watch your home light up.

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