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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sound Beginnings

I'm not sure that anyone has noticed, but I've been in to several different things lately ,that have affected my web log. dNeero is one of the activities which I enjoy doing, and the EntreCard widget is gone. But there is another program, "Odiogo" which interests me. It is a program that allows me to put the audio of what I have wrote, on each post. If you just don't feel like reading, now you can listen to the article.

Most of my articles lately haven't been important enough to add this feature. But I intend to do better! However, all my articles, from the day I started in early 2007 till now, have this feature. Some of my articles I'm pretty proud of.

I'm going to add Odiogo to my Magdalen Islands web log. That is where I do my writing articles and historical stories. It should be interesting there. This Web 2.0 is fascinating! Joining Odiogo is free. It is a computer generated dictation but has an almost real quality.

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