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Monday, January 26, 2009

I was actually nominated for a lifetime membership at the Creative Home Arts Club.

"Congratulations, WINNIE!

Your selection as a new Life Member speaks well of your achievements as a crafter.
Only a select group of Creative Home Arts Club Members will ever know the honor
of becoming a Life Member. In a way, it is our Club's version of a Hall of Fame. It is for those
individuals who have been recognized by their peers as one of the best.

Review details about the gifts, benefits and perks you'll receive as a
Life Member, valued at over $1,165.00!"

Go Figure!!!!

Then I went into the Creative Home Arts Club site and read:

"Life Membership would normally be C$585, but we'll give you a "dues rebate" for all the dues you've paid in the past to encourage you to make this lifelong commitment to the enjoyment of home decorating. It's a super deal for you!"

Guess What? I've never paid dues..., LOL! I guess I'll have to subscribe to get my award..., NOT!

1 comment:

Marja said...

The same hoax as when you get an envelope in your postbox that you won the lotto or something but have to pay to get it