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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cats Full of Jumping Beans

Meet SweetPea showing off her new collar....

Did I say SHOWING OFF..., now that is a laugh. You see dear little SweetPea is six months old and has two priorities for her short life - sleep and play, eating is very low on her list of priorities. She doesn't care one iota that she has a collar on or if I get a good picture. Here, she is just about to take a flying leap, with a backward twist, to grab Cleigh's fingers that are dangling a couple of feet above her head, so I could get a decent picture of the collar's bead work.

Now I imagine you are wondering why I should put this up now.... Well, I came across this 'Best of the Best' cat antics video and I thought it was funny at least some of the cat actions were..., other antics I thought might have been cruel, but that is just me. In any case, I have seen dear little SweetPea do just about all of these antics. SweetPea keeps us laughing for the most part, and in wonder the rest of the time. As Cleigh has said recently, "SweetPea is going to turn in to one sucky cat", but lovable all the same.... I found the video while surfing the horse blogs that I love so much!!! This one came form Behind the Bit. Enjoy the video!!!

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