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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Seem To Be Up To No Goody!

I thought maybe I'd link this weblog to other weblogs that I write for, thus allow people who wanted to read what it is that keeps me busy and away from Gimme a chance, lol! Truthfully, I want to create a network or a web of sorts with links here and there, so here goes:

Today I wrote a story about my uncle Lornes new boat. Now this boat isn't new anymore and my uncle died in 2001. But the story is relevant to the Magdalen Islands.  It is at Iles-de-la-Madeleine and the story is rather unique.  My uncle, being a bachelor, started this forty-foot fishing boat, in his home. But he wasn't crazy..., I guess you'll have to read the story....

I wrote an article on Equine Breathing Techniques and it is bringing in quite a few visitors to the All Things Horse Website. It is an interesting holistic look at teaching a horse how to breathe properly for athletic events.  It also works for nervous horses....

To catch the latest in the news of the Magdalen Islands, or vote on a poll for wether or not you would like to have a Magdalen Islands newsletter posted to you inbox.  An Islander won the first prize for Radio-Canada Literary Award..., read about it here.

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