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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free ClickBank Affiliate Guide

No opt-in necessary!


KB said...

Is it a good book?

Magdalen Islands said...

I'm learning a lot from it and I'm putting the ideas to good use. It is nothing to write home about but it's use is bringing me in some money. Not much yet thought because it takes about 3 months to index a new website. This site Gimme A Dream is my personal site where I put things that interest me, not a business site. I do use the techniques on the Vacation site and I've created other niche specific sites dedicated to certain clickbank products.

KB said...

Hi my friend,
I can't leave a comment on your recipe section for some reason. Just wanted to invite you to leave a link to your delicious recipes on my website. I post a recipe on our joint blog - KB and Whitesnakes home each Saturday. Feel free to swing by each Saturday and leave a link to a recipe on our mr linky. We can share recipes and increase traffic to our sites. Have a great day.

KB said...

Merry Christmas x