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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Translated from Smudge's Story Below
I got to do the first post! Heyyy! How cool is that? That is because I am so smart! I know all about computers. I spend time playing with the keyboard and the mouse.

Hi, I'm Smudge, formally known as "The Smudget!" I am the first born of four, six months ago and I'm one big baby. See, see, see I have a black smudge under my chin, I was the first named, too! I am one beautiful cat....

My hobby is to jump on my lady at the computer and chase the mouse. He runs under the monitor and I try to go there too but I'm just too big, so I go around back, over the top and wait for him. I stick my paws under but I can't catch him. He just never comes out. But I still get to jump on my lady, dozens of times a day! I love her.

Well..., let me tell you what happened to me today. There is this big round seat that my lady sits on. She doesn't use a litter box. Well, she was sitting there when I came around the corner. There were these long strings hanging from her gym pants and I saw them. I crouched and I wiggled my bum and then I took a flying leap and I landed in my lady's pants, head first and I slipped down her pant leg.

Yewwwwwwww! Gross me out! I tried to claw my way back out! But all I heard were screams and I was ripped out faster that a cat can spit. I got out of there fast because the last time I jumped and my lady got up, I slipped between her legs and into the bowl. It was wet down there and the smellllll, peeeyew!

Did I tell you my name was Smudge..., see my beautiful smudge?


Smudge's Story in her words

I gotz to do da furzt post! eyyyyyy, ow koolz zat? Datz cauze I'z so smart! I'z knoz all 'bout puters. I spendz time playing wit da keyboard and da mouze.

Hi, I iz Smudge, formally known as "THE Smudget!" I waz da furzt born of four, six monthz ago and I iz won big babe. Si, si, si I gotz a black smudge underz my chin. I waz da furzt named, too! I iz wonnn bute of a kat...

My hobbiez are to jump on my wady at the 'puter and chaze da mouze. He runz under the moneeeetar and I triez to getz dare too, but I iz just too bigg, so I goez around back, ov'r da top and I waitz for him. I stikz my pawz under but I cantz katch him. He just nev'r comezd out. But I still getz to jump on my lady, dozenz of timez a day! I wovz her.

Well..., letz me tell you whatz happenz to me today. Darez diz big round seat dat my lady sitz on. She doezn't uz a witter box. Well she waz sittin dare when I comez around da corner. Dare r diz long stringz hanging from her gym pantz and I seez dem. I crouchez and I wigglez my bumm and then I takez a flying leapz and I landz in my ladyz pants, head furzt and I slipz down her pantz leg. Yewwwwwwww! Grozzzz me out! I triez too claw my wayz back out! But all I heardz waz screamz and I waz rippedz out fazter than a kat can spitz. I gotz out of dare fazt cauzed da lazt time, I jumpzd, and my wady got up, I swippzd tweeen her wegz and into da bow'l. It'z wetz down dare and da smelllll, peeeeyew!

Did I tel youz my name waz Smudge..., seeeee my butiful smudge?



KB said...

Dear Smudge, I read your story out to Coco and she just loved it :)

Magdalen Islands said...

Dear little Smudgie! Between her, Smurf and mommy SweetPea I have a hard time writing at the keyboard. You've heard the expression, 'stop mauling the cat' well they maul me all the time and I put them down..., last long enough for them to turn and jump back up. With all the pets we've had here and in my life..., I've never had any that needed so much attention.

Marja said...

Hi Wynn what a gorgeous hilarious story. I loved it and smudgie is so cute.

Magdalen Islands said...

Smudgie is such a tomboyish cat but I'm sure she would be impressed to think that she was cute, Marja!

Magdalen Islands said...

Smudge turn out to be a tom cat, lol. SweetPea's and Bone's kittens are late bloomers, I guess.