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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gimme A Dream In His New Paddock

Dream has decided that he likes the end of his new paddock better than the other part. Out there he is in the sun, but a lovely breeze flows over his big body. By the way I'm standing on the peak of a stable roof taking his picture. That is why I'm above him.
In the second picture Dream has decided to go to church. He has decided that Anglicanism is the only way to go.


jadey said...

Great pics of Dream give him big kisses and hugs for me he is beautiful.

~Ambre~ said...

I just love your animals Gimme! The backdrop appears to be the ocean, is it? You reside in a beautiful area.

Magdalen Islands said...

I live throwing distance from the ocean, Ambre. The red sand hollow in behind him is where we set up jumps and lunge the horses. Many tourists park there cars there, and go to the beach, just under the cape that you see the edge of.

Linda Hosler said...

I love your pics and the scenery.
I also live near the ocean but not quite that close. Your horses are beautiful.
Thanks for the tips you have been sending me. I finally learned how to upload pics to my blog.