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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How Many Ways Can I Find To Waste My Time?

This is Way # 2

I found this buoy in relatively good condition on the beach after a storm one day. I say relatively, because it probably went through the propeller of a passing fishing boat and was cut from the trap line. After cleaning and painting it a flat white (it was coral red and white) I painted a traditional Magdalen Islands painted scene.

It now has become a colourful art piece for my flower garden. The flowers that Dream ate.


jadey said...

You're a very crafty and creative person there Gimme and I am so honored to call you my friend.

Magdalen Islands said...

You should have seen the birdhouse I gave my sister. I was made of rocks.

Miranda Dickinson said...

Hi Gimme

I love your artwork!

You very kindly said hi to me on the discussion board at Helium, so I thought I'd have a peek at your blog - your horse is lovely :o)

My blog is so if you're ever passing, feel free to pop in!

Take care


~Ambre~ said...

Beautiful Gimme! Waste not, want now! Right!


Keith Hillman said...

Hey Gimme! You may have struck on a whole new art form with business opportunities! I love it! I did face painting on a BOY once, but nothing as good as this!

Buster Bludvesel said...

I saw your blog address at Helium. I'm glad I did. I love horses. I will definitely be back

Magdalen Islands said...

So glad you all approve of my wasting my time.

Rebicmel said...

Wynn, this is really cute. I love it and it reflects your Island so well.