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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Writing Exercise #4 not done

Difference of opinion? Debate now.

Is Jewelry-Making An Art Form or a Craft?

Article to come....,

Wire-Wrapped Jewelry

This is my first attempt at this form of Arts and Crafts. It is the # 3 way to waste my time but I'm going to use it as experience for my helium debate article, I think! Excuse the miserable excuse for pictures maybe I'll try for better later on. Camera is freaking out on me, too.

The wire-wrapped pendant has a piece of red sand stone off the capes of the Magdalen Islands and small, burnt gold seeds beads. One of the rings has a black onyx stone bead flanked by two smaller round onyx beads and the other has blue, oval bead and the last has three brown tiger-eye glass beads. The little one with the curly-cues is my first ring ever made and is by far my favorite.


Rebicmel said...

I believe it is inside the person for it to be a hobby or an art. It is an art I feel when your heart and soul is poured into it, which ever I really enjoyed your rings and I think you have a talent for it Wynn. Great work.

Magdalen Islands said...

This is my waste of time # 3.

jadey said...

Nice job there Wynn

jadey said...

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jadey said...

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Ambre said...

You are quite the talented one Gimme!

~love it all~

Shari Mead said...

I love craft myself but have never tried wrapped jewelery. I think these peice are beautiful and look great. Keep crafting it is good for the soul.

C. Penlington said...

Hey Gimme - it's C from Helium. I was reading your 'about me' page and was geting ready to read some of your articles, when I clicked on one of your links - I love all the pictures on your page - you have really done a nice job with this site! Also - I like the rings - how much do you sell them for? My e-mail is:
Please put 'Gimme from Helium' in the subject line. Ok - back to helium.