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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let Me Introduce You To Woodmare Frilifili

Frilly as she is going to be called from now on, is a Standardbred Filly straight off the race track. She didn't make the grade, so to speak. She was 14.3 hh in April and now she is 15.1 hh. This little girl is growing fast. She looks feminine!

She has been completely track trained to run as a pacer. But at the 2:10 mile, she would break stride and gallop. Because she was so beautiful, I was lucky that her owner wanted her to go to a loving family. Be assured, she will definitely have all of that.

This little filly now runs free in large fields and paddocks with four geldings. Over the summer, autumn and winter, Frilly will tell me what it is that she wants to do. Maybe it will take another year, but I have a very good feeling about this young one. There is a place for her and I will help her find it.


jadey said...

OH Gimme she is beautiful! Congrats on your newest addition. She will love her new Island life. Kisses to Frilly.

Magdalen Islands said...

I smothered her in kisses and told her it was from her auntie Jadey.

Ambre said...

What a beautiful beast Gimme!!