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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Holy Frig Batman! The bale of hay is larger than the truck!

And this was how we traversed the entire length of the Magdalen Islands. All 110Km or 70 miles of it. Of course we had to stop in to Tim Hortons and have a soup and sandwich. Even the cops did a double take.

We arrived home and rolled the hay off the box and put a for sale sign up. We need a bigger truck!


jadey said...

Gimme how funny is that? Too cute. Well you will have to read my blog but you have been officially tagged read my blog and you will understand. Hope your mini vacation on PEI is going good.

Rebicmel said...

Now that is a bale of hay for sure. I remember baling hay when we were young but we got to play n the circular baler before they actually baled the hay it was much like a merry go round lol...

~Ambre~ said...

You've been tagged!! Read my blog for explanation!!

~runs off~ the picture

~Ambre~ said...

Looks like it's time for a bigger Bat Mobile!