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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Atrium Is On The Agenda!

We are in the process of building an indoor atrium, with a water fall and garden, about 8 or 10 feet by 12 feet and a high ceiling, but I don't know the height of it yet.

I want a pair of canaries also. Yellow ones! Canaries that sing the morning away!

If you know anyone who wants a pair of finches let me know. I don't want the younger ones. They were born in corn cob pellets that I used for the floor of the cage and for the birds to dust themselves in the bird bath. I have a nest and nesting material which I didn't put in until the babies were two weeks old because I thought they were too weak to survive. They had about eight eggs, all totaled. I didn't encourage the birth of these two or their survival, but I didn't hinder the parents either. Eventually, I'll put an add in the local newspaper as freebies, I suppose.

Faith and Hope occasionally eat on their own but they still rely on Whiskey and Lily for their survival. I will be getting the larger cage later this week, because it is a shame to have so many birds cooped up like a pet store bird.

1 comment:

jadey said...

Oh Gimme I wish I lived closer cause I would love the finches.