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Friday, August 17, 2007

Gone Almost Three Weeks

Three days home and it feels like I never left. I took a lot of photos of Newfoundland, Cape Breton and Old Home week, some of which I'll put up here. Let me tell you that Newfoundland was spectacular. The views were breath-taking and savage at the same time.

Never in my life have I learned so much in so little time, about anything. There isn't a chance in heaven that I'll remember it all. I'm sure when I'm 150-years-old I'll still be catching up with all the memories. I tried to write a journal but we were so busy from daylight to dark that there was no time to write.

Photos will be appearing here over the next few days because the camera is such a high resolution that it will be necessary to photoshop them and as we all know, it all takes time.

Prince Edward Island - rushing to catch the 6:00 am ferry that leaves Wood Islands and arrives at Pictou, 70 minutes later.

A Pictou sunrise greets us and makes way for beautiful weather the whole trip.

What a view of the Canso Causeway from the mountains of Nova Scotia!

As you can very well imagine the relief I felt as the car drove past the Seal Island Bridge and we could view the spectacular view from a safe, on the ground, hill. Little was I to know that the road winded down the hillside in the most unforgivable hairpin turns and went straight to the bridge. I must have turned paler than pale as we crossed. I seriously hate heights and that bridge is seriously high!!!!

We took a side trip while in Cape Breton. We went to Beddeck and saw the museum and the home of the late Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of loads of things. Perhaps I'll go into more detail later about the life of this man, but suffice to say, that the stop was an omen of things to come.


jadey said...

Hey there Gimme I look forward to seeing more pics everyday what a great start to all the pics to come. Please check out my blog for the tribute of colors.

jadey said...

I like the new pics as well very pretty

Samantha said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! I'll keep checking back for more and for updates! Looks like you had a wonderful, but hectic trip. Wish I was there too!