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Friday, August 17, 2007

Just So No One Forgets My Name Sake

The Moose Says Hi To All You Lovely People.

He is such a people lover!

Dream is all head and a very small body if I get a head shot. I guess it is because he is so friggin' big, that the camera goes for a perspective point of view. The poor boy looks kind of like a 'bobble-head' you see in the back windows of automobiles.

I took these shots with the new Pentax and I'm pleased with the camera, with only one exception - the digital SLR's don't take any video and as you will see in the future, I do enjoy the occasional movie clip.

But..., I still just can't get a nice picture of the moose!


jadey said...

Tell Dream Auntie says hi and he is a beauty so beautiful. Even though he is a big horse he is just stunning.

Samantha said...

WooHooo finally a good head shot at least! he is a beautiful horse, I don't care what you say! And stop calling him a moose! LOL ;)

He's a perty boy and half of him is mine! ;) I think we decided to "virtually" cut him down the middle and own from head to toe, right jadey? lol I didn't want just the back side! haha

Magdalen Islands said...

So you all are still leaving the crap for me to clean up, are you! Well my garden is going to look pretty darn good next year. That all I have to say.

Samantha said...

Ummm well, I'd help if I was there, honest! LOL! Yeps, keep that big ole boy OUT of the garden next year! ;)