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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The 'Madeleine' Struck A Whale

While I was gone to NFLD, apparently the ferry boat had some trouble during one of its crossings. The Captain couldn't get the ship to make any headway through the water.

Under full throttle that ship can sail the distance in just over three hours. Normally she makes the trip in five hours. This one particular day she made the trip in five hours, but under full throttle. The ship crippled into port.

After a bit, someone saw a fin at the bow of the ship. The 'M/V Madeleine' struck a whale. This ocean-going 150 car ferry hit a whale. What kind of a whale gets in the way of a 400 foot, 6,807 ton car ferry going 20 knots? It was dead here in the harbour, but it is possible it was dead when they struck it. It was a very large whale, but I have no idea what species yet.

Often on the voyage across the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the 'Madeleine' gives spectacular views of whales breaching, blowing water from their blowholes and dolphins jumping out of the water while racing, at the bow of the ship. To see these animals is a dream come true for many of the visitors who fill the boat to capacity, twice a day, everyday except Mondays. The ship leaves port only once on this day of the week.

More specifics of the whale accident to come....

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jadey said...

That is terrible Gimme