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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Helium Writing Exercise #18 not done

This is another one of those older articles I did for Helium, wrote back in March. It had only 1o5 words and I would think that it will be slated for deletion. I have brought it here to re-work it and perhaps I will leap-frog it in order to save the article. Now it is at 419 words and ready for the final proofread.

Favourite Movie Lines
One of the best movie lines of all times showed up in a courtroom, in Calgary in the early 1970's, when an art class from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology campus was doing and in-depth study of courtroom artistry in criminal art.

On this particular day, a rather shabbily dressed young man was standing on trial. He had a thread-bare jean jacket, unbuttoned over top a thin, cream-colored turtle-necked sweater. His blue jeans had holes in the legs, knees and patches on the pockets. His hiking boots had also seen better days and were in need of attention. His face was covered in about three days of growth and he leaned unceremoniously over the desk that he was sitting at. His rather long, sandy colored hair was brushed back away from his face, was the only apparent concession he had made to the atmosphere of the courtroom.

At the end of the trial, the defendant was standing awaiting his sentence from the magistrate. The judge, while looking down at the petty criminal asked, "Do you have anything to say in your own defense, before I sentence you?"

The criminal politely looked up at the judge, nodded and said "Yes Your Honor, I do, Sir!" The courtroom was silent, with only the vague sound of twenty or thirty people shuffling, coughing, sketching and drawing quickly on artist pads and breathing. The click, tic, tic of the court stenographer came to a halt as she waited for the man to continue.

He then looked down at his tattered outfit, while pulling his wallet out of his shabby blue jeans pocket. It was one of those black leather very expensive wallets, that had a full length leather flap, which closed the wallet. It too was very worn. Looking at the wallet for a few of seconds, the criminal then flipped it open. He very softly spoke into the wallet, "Beam me up, Scotty."

Everyone in the courtroom was silent, all looking around as if wondering what would happened. It actually appeared as though lights would twinkle around the criminal, phasing him out of the courtroom and away from the unforgiving magistrate. The courtroom of watchers, after a few seconds, comprehended the situation and burst out laughing.

Even though apparently amused, the judge remained very stoic. He still fined the man $50 for contempt of court, for disrupting the courtroom and a short stint in jail for his petty crime. The trial was front page news the next day in the Calgary Herald.

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