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Friday, September 7, 2007

The French Canadian Willow Breeze - Min

Jayne, I just got your message that you don't see Arabian in Willow. She doesn't have the classic look of anything, but it is just when I look at her and she is interested in moving out, she has this Arabian look in her eye. Extreme intelligence for horses, maybe. Her head is very well defined but not classic at all, just small and refined. She has a straight face which is not Arabian of course, but even still there is something finely chiseled about her head. Her attitude is classic Arab, which is strange for a French Canadian. I haven't found papers for her yet, which makes me think she isn't registered. I don't even know her name. She was brought to the islands as a pure French Canadian, with the high price tag to go with her. But as far as I know, papers never came with her. She is 8-years-old. Judes, the man I buy my bales of hay from was apparently her first islands owner. He is on vacation off islands presently. I will be speaking with him about her.
I value your input and can certainly understand your confusion on this one. All I have to go on, are my impressions. I bought her because I wanted an experienced horse for the beach because Dream was out of his element and I expect Frilly to be worse. I find that her legs are very tiny, small around. The neglect is showing in her hay-belly shape. I'm hoping that she will improve her look with time. Her head does look like the French Canadian above but her neck is thin, shoulders and chest are small. She is about 14.2hh maybe a little taller but she has no weight compared to the breed. This little animal looks frail when comparing her to the Canadian breed.

She has gone through some serious training in the western class but I don't yet know the extent of her training. She is at this point a throw-away horse, one that was destined for the meat market in Montreal. I find this mare to be extremely intelligent. She picks up new instruction in English at a phenomenal rate. This mare has only been amongst French speaking people. And yet it only took three turns before she lunged like she had done it all her life and learn the instruction walk and whoa just as quickly. This activity is not something that is known in the communities around here. She has never had this training. There is more to this mare then I first thought! I'm not saying she will be a favourite, but she has some very special qualities. This picture was taken a couple minutes after she arrived.

LOL an unusual fence - yes! And all those traps were pushed into the paddock by about three feet. I still won't leave them in it because the electricity will not stop a truck from doing damage.


Jayne :) said...

Is this the famous fence you've been talking about? Very unusual!

Lovely mare but still trying to see the 'Arab' bit??? LOL

Samantha said...

Ahhh! Finally got to meet the Mysterious Min! I'm still so happy you saved her! It is good to hear that she is learning English commands well and is a quick learner! ::pets the pretty horsey::

Jayne :) said...

In my Arab breeding days I was obsessed by the breed - they have the most well documented and oldest history of any breed. Every warm blooded breed has some Arab influence way back.

She sounds like a lovely mare and I'm so glad to hear that she's settled in at last. There is nothing more satisfying that taking a rescue horse and bringing out its potential! I was very involved with the horse sanctuary in Zimbabwe too.

Good luck and fortune - she will soon get back in shape and I expect you will have a lot of fun with her :)