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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gimme A Dream

This is photo is Dream as a yearling. I found this picture on the internet with his registration and linage. This was the picture upon which he was sold the first time. His poor conformation is well shown here, nevertheless he sold for $6,000, in spite of the problem, on the hopes that he would out grow it. If anything, the problem is worse now.

It is my belief that Dream is too heavy and I should try to reduce his weight while keeping the look of weight. How do I do that? He has such a naturally skinny-looking bum. If I reduce his weight, my sister will do nothing but criticize me for not feeding him enough. As it is he ate nearly the equivalent of three bales of hay a day, last week. Perhaps it was jealousy though having to share his food with Willow Breeze.

He is a difficult horse to get a good picture of because even here when the sun is high, he shadows himself.


keith hillman said...

I thougt you were writing about me until I hit the bit about the skinny bum! I know nothing about gee-gees but he looks fine to me!

jadey said...

Dream is beautiful.

Marja said...

I don't know that much about horses but I thought this one lookes gorgeous

KB said...

A beautiful looking horse.