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Sunday, September 30, 2007

How Many Ways Can I Find To Waste My Time?

Just one more way! Hand made macramé items.

The purse is one of two saddle bags that holds two bottles of water, very easily in one bag and a nice picnic lunch in the other, for the long trail rides into the East Point Wildlife Reserve. However the purses are convertible, as the strap is easily removed and becomes a spare for a broken rein. These purses also become a day-to-day handbag for the fashion conscious lady, with a nice shoulder strap that doesn't cut into the shoulder.

The bridle and reins were Copper's day-to-day hack-a-more, but more recently, like two days ago, I had to convert it to a western head stall for Willow Breeze, because she wasn't as acceptable to the hack-a-more, as I would have liked. Yesterday, she had her first novice rider on her back. A twelve-year-old, who has so far had only six - one hour, riding lessons. Willow treated the little girl like she was a princess and behaved exceptionally to the new bridle. Perhaps the bridle isn't so much a waste of my time.

Both of these items were created with brown, nylon, twisted trap twine. Using the technique of macramé, they were handmade, using only two types of knots, the square knot and the half-hitch. With the repetition of these knots a useful, versatile and extremely durable objects can be made. I have rarely used leather on my horses in many years, even though I have bought beautiful leather handmade bridles, I just don’t get the same feel for the horse as I get using a macramé rein that is made to ‘fit’ my hands. I’ve also noticed less agitation with the horse that I’m riding when using a bridle, specifically tailored to that particular horse's head. Overall, I have no intention of going back to the regular leather head stall that is normally used on a horse, unless it is required in the show ring.

I have another bridle made and it will be featured here at this web log as soon as the hardware, ie bit and buckles, arrive. It is made of black, nylon, braided trap twine and is distinctly created in the English fashion. It has a removable beaded hand worked design, on the brow strap and nose band. All the hardware will be stainless steel.

Macramé has been one of me earliest hobbies and has given me many hours of pleasure over the years. When I was 15-years-old, I made belts and necklaces during the hippie hey-day. I progressed to gazebos and birdcages in my late teens and gave them as wedding gifts. After that I moved on to purses, rings, bracelets and various wearable accessories. Other than sewing, it is probably the only hobby which as proven the most useful in my own life story.


Marja said...

You are a great artist I love the bag. You have to start a craft shop.

jadey said...

Hey Gimme these are great and so pretty. My father believe it or not when he was in the hospital many years ago for a back injury he started doing macrame during his two week stay there a nurse was coming in and teaching him he made lots of purses and sold them he did a great job.

Jayne :) said...

Hey I remember doing macrame' in my spotty youth! I don't think I was ever as talented or industrious though :)

A lovely idea Gimme - here we use webbing bridles made to measure but I have to admit that, for me, nothing beats really good, soft English leather - lol