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Friday, September 7, 2007

Another Helium Writing Exercise #16 not done

This is an older article I did for Helium, wrote back in March. It has only ninety-five words and I would think that it will be slated for deletion. I have brought it here to re-work it and perhaps I will leap-frog it in order to save the article.

Private Moments And Their Joy

Private moments and their joy is walking on the beach on a warm August evening with a full moon rising, leaving a glinting and glistening trail across a calm sea. It is being able to see the small island at the end of the beach even though it is eleven pm and hearing the steady lap, lap, lap of the water on the edge of the shore. It is being able to daydream of moments spent long ago and exciting times to come. It's these private moments that leave us in a state of reverence.

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