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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Excitement Is Over!!!

Thank the Good Lord Above, because I don't think I could take much more!
To the left is Sammy (Sam's Pride) and to the right is Frilly (Woodmere Frilifili) having a chat across the makeshift fence to keep them from hurting each other and yes the fence that Sammy jumped from a standstill, without touching it, about a foot away. That was preferable to getting into a fray with Frilly last night. My admiration for this filly has jumped just as high for her ability, her reason, her unwillingness to fight and for her incentive. See the forelock of Frilly, it looks like someone bleached the ends, a beautiful golden auburn. I was thinking, 'how nice it would be if all her mane was so stylish'. But then again her mane is so long and thick and the shiniest black ever seen and streaked with the red/auburn, just as if I brushed mineral oil into it.

Tomorrow I'll see about getting some full body shots. Today, they were still anxious. I had them out to meet Dream and Willow. Willow is somewhat taken with Frilly and visa-versa. Dream would prefer that they didn't exist and has been showing a distinct ignorance of their presence, even when they get close enough to go under him.

I had both Frilly and Sammy on the longe rein doing circles and letting the explore with Willow and Dream close by contentedly eating, at least I hope they were contented. First I took Frilly out because I expected less trouble. After all, she wasn't high on drugs and ugly stuff they feed young horses at the track. I let her explore, what we'll call the arena, in reality it is the flat area of their pasture that has long since been eaten down to a lawn, that most everybody would envy, because of the lack of care that went into it. Then, the dear went through her paces, round and around. She pulled to go closer to Dream and Willow but she had to work for that privilege. She could have done better but she seems to like Willow. We'll work on her lessons in the days, weeks and months to come. What did please me and it is no small feat for her was that Frilly allowed me to lay across her back (like a dead person would be strapped to the back of a horse, in the old westerns) and tickle her side with my hands. She even appeared to enjoy the attention.

Anyway, as I was saying she and Willow seem to really like each other. They nuzzled each other in the haystack and seemed genuinely pleased to be with each other. Strange because they are both kickers. But we'll work on that!

Then, with Frilly returned to her 'paddock', I took Sammy out for some exploring and exercise. The same procedure. Explore the 'arena' and longeing - one way and then the other. She broke into a canter at one point, took two or three steps, became shocked at her brazenness and broke into a pace, watching me to see if I was angry, I guess. I didn't say anything. Then we went over to meet the other two. Dream does a fantastic job of ignoring that which he doesn't want to see. Willow though laid her ears flat and took a lunge at poor Sammy. I did the same at Willow and she back down. But her ears would flatten every time Sammy came near. Strange because Sammy is the gentle one.

The bottom two pictures are of Dream (Gimme A Dream) in the one above (it is almost impossible to get a good picture of him) in the blue rope halter and Willow (Willow Breeze) in the pink halter, in the bottom picture. I just thought someone might like to see how black the great Hanoverian and little French Canadian are turning with their fall coats.

I was just looking at the picture of Frilly. She has two halters on, her green track halter and a black rope halter I bought for her this past summer. I wonder if they thought she need the two for control on the boat?

1 comment:

jadey said...

Gimme they are beautiful I love the pics and in due time they will truly all calm down and realize nobody is going anywhere and they will all get along they are just so pretty. Congrats.