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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Am So Excited!!!

I went to get a bale of hay..., yes a truck load, in the case of our Ford Ranger and I stopped off at the race track before returning home. The ship had arrived and docked a few minutes before and my precious Frilly was on the islands. It only stood to reason that I stop and see her, before coming home. Of course I had to see Sammy also. But then I don't know if I've ever spoke of Sammy to anyone yet, because I've been so intense on getting Frilly (Woodmere Frillifili) home. Anyway, it appears that Frilly is one excitable filly. It took two shots of sedative to get her on to the boat - and she was in a horse trailer with two other foals. After the first shot, the stewart had to come and tell the driver, Guy, that his trailer was being kicked to pieces and they were afraid of having a loose horse in the hold of the ship. Poor little bugger! She's coming the rest of the way tomorrow. Heaven help us! lol! :)

Getting back to Sammy or Sam's Pride. Young Sammy is a 2-year-old filly who isn't up to the challenge of racing. "Just like her mom," so I'm told. I'll add a picture of her tomorrow, if I can get one of her standing still. And you ask, "Why won't she stand still?" Good question! Sammy has been given steroids and hormones in high yield racing horse feed, to try to make her aggressive. Oats, corn, barley and all the hyped up junk in molasses, that they give those horses to get them running. I gave the instruction when I bought her a couple of weeks ago to remove all feed from her, but apparently the message didn't get down to the groom, Willard. He continued to feed her gallons of feed everyday, with all the junk. To make matters worse, the fact that she had been sold did go down the line and she wasn't exercised or put out to field. Here this poor little animal has been cooped up in a small box stall about 10X12 feet, day and night. She is right off her rocker now! She will have to be isolated and of course I only have an open field, forest and a greenhouse with plastic. She seems to be nice enough, just as high as a kite. Won't I (we) have fun tomorrow, when both fillies arrive, neither knowing the other and none of the four horses know each other except Dream and Willow. I expect to hear squeals and whinnies and snorts and screams all day....

I am looking forward to a very interesting day..., week and even longer. At least now we will get Dream and Willow to the beach for training because my riding equipment came with Frilly.

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jadey said...

congrats Gimme I can't wait to see the pictures.