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Thursday, October 4, 2007

An Eye To The Future

Here I'm playing with the camera. I'm testing out my photography skills.

I find it absolutely amazing what can be done with an artists eye! Not that I'm saying I'm an artist, but I think I would like Dreams eye blown up poster size, because it is so expressive for a horse's eye.

I decided this is my eye to the future. My Dream, my Willow, my future, reflected in his big beautiful eye. Of course, I could also put up the blooper shots I took of the eyes - the closed eyes, the out of focus eyes, the get out of my way or I'll stomp you eyes.

The upper eye is Gimme A Dream's eye as he looks way down at me trying to get a good shot. The eye to the right belongs to Willow Breeze. She is more at my eye level.


Marja said...

beautiful eye so you're gonna have a beautiful future

jmr said...

Gimme, love the shots from your camera, especially Dream's. And thanks for visiting Tymescroll.

jadey said...

Gimme they both have beautifully expressive chocolate eyes maybe a caramel chocolate like a rollo yummy they are beautiful horses.