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Monday, October 8, 2007

My Leisure World

I have been a student most if not all of my life. I'm always up to the challenge of learning new and interesting activities. Of my leisure life, I would have to say that I’m a hobbyist. I’ve been one all my life. I’m a collector. I love and live for collections. I find things and think,’ I could use that for...,’ any number of projects.

I sew, crochet, knit, make wire jewelry from odds and ends that I find, do pebble work, making plant holders, lamps, curio boxes, etc. I macramé, making belts, jewelry, plant and wall hangings, purses and assorted equipment for horses. I scrapbook and keep a good supply of papers, pens, adhesives, books, embellishments, stamps, trimmers, punches and cutters. I make all-occasion greeting cards and I’m a writer. For these and the many more activities I come across on a daily basis, I find I need storage containers.

I use different types of storage units for crafting. I have small segmented plastic boxes to hold the small stuff like beads, stones, embellishments, shells, buttons and paper clips. I have four drawer unites to hold scrapbooking and sewing supplies. I use filing cabinets for my paper and plastic tool boxes for keeping jewelry making tools and supplies.

What I would like to do is turn the garage into a hobby room. This would mean removing the garage doors and putting in a wall with a window. Insulating the room and finishing it with preferably with gyp rock or dryboard. A large crafts table to stand in the center, closed in wall units to hold all my craft essentials and a large unit with more storage to handle all the tools used for building. My garage would no longer be a garage, if I had my way.


Magdalen Islands said...

Marja said...

oh I would love to see your collection of stuff or even more all your crafts. I only collect stuff when we go on holiday: draft wood, shelfs and stones. They all end up in the garden.

October 4, 2007 1:41 AM

jadey said...

Sounds like an awesome idea Gimme I say go for it.

Athlyn Green said...

What an interesting blog-wish we lived closer; we seem to share the same interests: horses, crafts, and home repair!

I'm going to include a link to your blog at my writing-related blog:

I'm sure readers will enjoy your site enormously. With your permission, I would like to do a blog post on you and will provide a link in same.