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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gimme A Dream is Ranked Page # 2

Apparently Google has decided to rank the Gimme A Dream site as a Page Rank # 2. Basically they group all the web sites that are in the public domain into 10 ranks; the very top sites in the World ranked 10 and the overwhelming majority having a rank of Zero. How they work out the rankings is a total mystery, known only to Google and the Dark Forces. I think they throw a bunch of statistics and other factors into a big cauldron, add the eye of a newt and the wing of a bat, mix well, season to taste and cook in a slow oven for several months. Hubble bubble, toil and trouble. I'm not sure I like the rating system, but there it is.


Marja said...

Sounds good. Congratulations How did you find out

keith hillman said...

Well, you are a number 10 in my book!( did I get that the right way round or should I have said nuber one? Need to re-read) Anyway Gimme, you are the best!

Toadee said...

that is impressive for an individual blog, I am still a big fat 0.

teacher me o blog mistress

Magdalen Islands said...

I seem to jump between 2 then 0 then back every 2nd day or so. Ho? - Join every free club I ran across.