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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hope, Faith and Charity

Whiskey and Lily's children died the other day.

Grissette the cat (my favorite by the way) must have jumped up on the large floor standing bird cage, containing Whiskey, Lily and their youngest baby finch (about 5 weeks old) Charity. In doing so she knocked over Faith and Hopes cage on to the floor, releasing the door catch.

I'm assuming at least one of the birds escaped but I haven't found any trace of it. All I found was a set of orange-red finch feet near the cage. By the time I found the disaster, little Charity was dead on the floor of the big cage, most likely the victim of a heart attack.

On hearing the story, Michael Raymond from the Helium Writers Group, wrote an Ode to the three little victims:

Ode To Faith, Hope and Charity

Humankind's humanity, built on pillars three:
Faith, Hope and Charity,
no stronger virtues be.

Branches of a tree, birds singing free.
Lose one and lose all three;
dead. Dead and mangled breed.

Feline thief, stealing our humanity.
Lurking, pouncing. Devouring,
Faith, Hope and Charity.

- jmr, 27 Nov 07


TROY said...

Hi again.
Maybe, a day, could I express in your language all I feel to see ur blog.

I see human virtues and these things that people have forgotten, surrounded in a too much civilized life.

I wish that you follow ahead with your good ideas, saying to the people whom always there is good things by which we must fight.

Although much English I not, will read to you slowly,trying to catch everything what you say.

Blogs like this one, is good for the soul.


jadey said...

Hey there Gimme I think Mike made a nice tribute to the three little ones.

Magdalen Islands said...

Actually I cremated Charity and spread her ashes in the trees.

Magdalen Islands said...

Actually I cremated Charity and spread her ashes in the trees.