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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Joined Adgridwork

Noticing to the left, just under An Eye To The Future, there are ads for personal web logs, from Adgridwork, a new company which donates free advertising for Websites, Businesses and Blogs.

Since joining, Gimme A Dream has seen no new traffic, but there again, it has only been two minutes. However, the Dream site now has three little ads for sites originating from somewhere in this wide world, and somewhere in the world someone has the 'Gimme A Dream' site advertised in a little box waiting patiently for someone to click on it and come see what it is all about. Gimme A Dream is advertised as a Blogging - personal site.

Every time someone clicks on one of the free site advertisements on this site, Adgridwork will add another advertisement for the Gimme A Dream site, to the network. This will help create traffic for the Gimme A Dream site, which has become a passion the past few weeks. After all, that is why we write publically, isn't it?

If anyone is interested in adding to the traffic of their site and wants some free advertising, try Adgridwork. It is relatively painless, and one of the creators, Nick Mazza, who's cute picture is also down in the Bumpzee Box seemed harmless. He wrote, "Hey - I'm new to Bumpzee and am looking for friends and communities to join. Also, I am looking for some active bloggers to help test-drive my new, free advertising network: and thought that you may be interested in it. Check out my site and profile and lemme know what you think :) -Nick ", in a message box to Gimme - thanks Nick!

The other co-founder is Kyle Johnson (cute too!), well there is not much about him, but it is great to have pictures of those we work with, however slightly. This is what they have to say of Adgridwork, "Adgridwork was conceived back in November 2006, after we realized that there was no simple, free and effective way of quickly promoting a website. At the time, advertising options were limited to paying for banner ads or text links, using a contextual service (like adSense), or manually contacting and trading links with other webmasters. Thus, we decided to create a free, open advertising network and allow bloggers, small businesses and other website owners to submit their ads into our ad network. In exchange for serving their ads on thousands of highly targeted and related sites, we would require that they in turn serve ads for other users. The end result would be a giant community of websites that would all help one another promote and market their products, ideas and service for free!

As of November 27, 2007, adgridwork has served over 130,811,995 impressions across 52,964,787 page views. Our network currently consists of 11,015 unique websites and is growing daily."


Marja said...

Hi Wynn. Seems like a great idea. So these 3 white advertisements on the left is what it is about? I shall click on them soon.
It is stange that you don't get more visitors. Your site is amingly good and very interesting.
Hope this helps.

Magdalen Islands said...

Thanks Marja. No I don't really get that much traffic when I see other counters in the thousands and my is struggling. Oh well that is life.

jadey said...

Thanks for this Gimme will have to check it out.