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Friday, November 2, 2007

Power Failures Due To High Winds

We had had exceptionally high winds the past couple of weeks. Our lines into the house are weak and we have experienced power surges and failures. One of our main power supplies is burned out and must be replaced. In the meantime there will be no activity on this or other blogs maintained by me. Sorry for the inconvenience!



jmr said...

Hope you're alright up there in your corner of the world, and that the power supply can be replaced rather quickly.

Marja said...

Oh that's not good Hop over here, ew,ve got summer now. Anyway hope you have a good time and see you when you're back again.

jadey said...

Hey there Wynn, we will anxiously be awaiting your updates. Hopefully all is well there and hopefully all repairs will get taken care of soon.