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Friday, December 28, 2007

Gimme A Dream's Crafts

Yes, there I go, creating another blog. This one is at
and features all the ways I find to waste my time.

Eventually, I hope to turn the blog into a mini store, but at the moment it is only a viewing place for things I do when I'm not blogging, reading or doing chores.

Everything featured is indeed unique in it's own unusual way, whether it is crafted from found materials from the beach or the forest or if it is various bought material blended in a unique or unusual manner.

Many of the items will have uses in the field of equitation because at the moment that is what I'm creating for. Those objects will be made of rope or twine and using the fine art of macrame, made into useful equipment. Other things will be sewed because I find I have need of horse blankets and saddle blankets.

Some of the objects will be of relatively useless items such as jewelry of which I have taken an interest, particularly wire made jewelry. Rings and pendants will frequently be found in the posts there, but also bracelets, necklaces and earrings will be there.

I will also be making items for dogs and cats in the way of collars and leads as well as warm doggy sweaters and booties to protect feet from the cutting edges of ice.


keith hillman said...

Hi Gimme
I just popped over to your new site and was truly amazed at what I saw! I particularly liked the buoys which I remember seeing some time ago. How on earth do you find time to produce such lovely work?

I was beginning to form something of a relationship with the young lady with the big - er- eyes at the top of your page, then she suddenly disappeared! Sob:(

jadey said...

Hey you go there Gimme. I hope to do the same thing this year. To start a blog store. Maybe we will be inspired by one anothers work.