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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...,

Who’s The Fairest Of Us All????

What with the New Year starting soon and New Year’s resolutions being asked everywhere I go, I’ve been thinking, is it vanity to consider one’s looks important enough to through plastic surgery? What would it take to get you to see a surgeon to improve your looks? What would it take to get me to see a surgeon? Do I even need to see a plastic surgeon? I’m sure the specialists in plastic surgery would think so.

So, I looked at myself critically in the mirror and saw crow’s feet around the eyes, laugh lines. Do I really want to get rid of them, when it took a lifetime to earn them? I did a google search ( I google everything and everyone these days) and found a likely place for my fantasy makeover. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery where everyone is treated like a celebrity. Yeah..., I could stand a little TLC and remove a few lines and add a little lip, at the same time.

Of course while standing in front of the full length mirror, the story was some what more than a few lines around the eyes. How can I improve on that??? Well..., back to google and Beverly Hills liposuction. They have a grand website that explains all my questions on the subject. But the question is, am I so disgusted with my looks that I’d want to be treated like a celebrity? Well, I could use their tummy tuck procedures!

Celebrity plastic surgery, face, breast, body and skin..., without doubt, I could improve in all fields of plastic surgery. But do I want to go to all that trouble and expense? Expense! Can I afford the luxury of putting myself through all the plastic surgery that I would need. Ah google! (I should done an ad campaign for google.) The monthly payments for plastic surgery at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery are well within my financial capabilities. Surprise, Surprise! It is a pleasant surprise, because my personal finances are not that high.

New Years Eve and what will my resolution be? Hmmmmmm! Could I use plastic surgery around my expanding midsection, botox to my fading lips and attention to my multiplying crow’s feet. Of course I could! But..., I’m not unhappy with my crow’s feet, since I worked very hard at laughing to get them. My midsection..., well if I did so many sit-ups a day and ate so much raw veggies a day and stayed away from ice cream, I could fix that too and be the shape and beauty all vain people want.

STAY AWAY FROM ICE CREAM?????? Argrrrrrrrrrr!


jadey said...

Hey there Gimme,

Well we are who we are and if you are happy with who you are then don't change. I know I am not changing me people are just going to like me as I am. Cheers to a great 2008

keith hillman said...

I heard a thing on the radio today about breast enhancement. The 'expert' was from the British Association of Plastic Surgeons. It occurred to me the acronym for his organisation is BAPS! Happy 2008.

seev said...

Don't do it! Those crows feet are beauty marks because anyone who laughs a lot has gotta be beautiful. Cheers, Mardé

Mee mOe said...

I agree with seev, but if you just want the crows feet to soften up and not show as much and its something I've tried and works, its called EB5 cream and its excellent cream that actually works, you can buy it through JC Pennys even online or walk into their store. It runs about 40-50 dollars a jar but it WORKS ...try it and let me know what you think...;)