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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Your Highness, Queen Elizabeth ll, Move Over!!!!!!

Actually this is a story about my Aunt 'Wina' Edwina (Currie) Doyle and not me. I'll find a picture of dear auntie in a bit and add it because she was so special, that there isn't anyone who wouldn't have dearly loved her.

This is the story of me in bed:

Believe it or not, I am here, all dressed to kill, if you can imagine me in a skirt, sitting rather uncomfortably I might add on Queen Elizabeth's II's bed. Awesome!!!

And it is true.

It was my aunt Edwina's seventieth birthday, and the family (all of us) decided it would be fitting to celebrate in grand style. So we propositioned, Marion Reid, the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island and cousin (of course) to allow us to have a grand birthday party in the Royal-Governor's house.

Of course there had to be the grand tour, and we went to see where the royal family ate and slept and did their private business, it was all very smashing!!!!

My aunt was the event coordinator for Governmental activities at the Governors house so she gave the tour. Uh-huh, we made her work on her birthday! After, we ate cake with the royal dinnerware with real silverware and little Royal-China tea cups and saucers of tea, with our pinkies up!

Auntie died a couple of years ago. It was early in October or the end of September (I had two aunts died within a week of each other) and it was a Tuesday, so she had a line-dancing course to teach or to take. Did I mention that she still worked full time volunteering at Anna's Draperies all day and she taught at the local college at night. And she took dozens of courses. Her favorite was painting, I think. What a great quilter she was...., I digress.

Anyway, after dancing for a couple of hours, she and a group of her friends planned this camp out at one of the parks, in tents. Yes that is true and even at her age, she was still going strong, never complained about anything. So no one was surprised that she would go camping or take a voyage around the world.

The next day though, she had a pain in her side so her son took her to the hospital. They run the tests and decided to keep her for the night because they couldn't get the pain under control. Late the next day, the tests came back, she had cancer.

The day after that she went into a coma. Her daughter arrived from Montreal and she awoke long enough to say that all was well and as it should be. She died then with a smile on her lips.

From taking her first pain in the side until she died was just four days! Who would have ever thought that cancer could kill that fast!

Can you imagine!

I used to go from the boat straight to her place before I'd go see family. She was my aunt yes but more important, Aunt Edwina was my friend! I miss her so much and I know I'm not the only one.

The picture was taken at her 70th birthday. It is of course not a great photo because I took a quick photo of a old photo so to get put here. Anyway, tell me that lady looks a day over 50!

Can you just imagine!
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KB said...

Love both of the photos. Your Aunt sounds like a wonderful woman and you are right she doesn't look anywhere near 70 years old.

Thanks for sharing her with us.


Magdalen Islands said...

She was the nicest person you can imagine, kb and I love(d) her to the hilt. She was loved by everyone for all her volunteer work and just because she was super pleasant, too.

jadey said...

Gimme it looks like you had a great time and I am so glad you got to spend such a great moment with your aunt.